The Most Common Electrical Problems and Solutions

May 26, 2021

Circuit Breaker Issues

Running into issues with your circuit breaker is quite common. Thankfully, these are usually the most straightforward issues to fix. You may have a problem with a particular electrical device tripping your breaker. For example, if the lights go out every time you make coffee, you may need to check your circuit breaker.

The chances are that your breaker has detected issues with the current circuit. In fact, this is where the name “circuit breaker” originates. When the breaker senses that something is wrong with the existing circuit, they break the flow of electricity.

How To Fix Your Circuit Breaker

First, head out to your breaker box to see which circuit has tripped. There should be one switch to the right or slightly in the middle. Turn the switch to the right, then back to the left—that's all you have to do!

We specialize in circuit breaker replacement, so you should immediately call us if your circuit box is:

  • Constantly tripping
  • Sparking
  • Miswired or not labeled

Lightbulbs Keep Burning Out

All lightbulbs will eventually burn out. There is, however, a separate issue if they burn out very quickly. If you have to change lightbulbs every week or every other day, you have a different problem on your hands. There are a few different reasons why this could be the case, so it's essential to do a little investigative work.

How To Solve Your Lightbulb Troubles

Check your lightbulb holder. Is it hanging loose or depleted? If so, that's likely your culprit right there. If this is the case for you, replace or tighten your lightbulb holder. Once you do this, check a bulb to see if it works properly. If it does, you're all done! If the problem isn’t with your lightbulb holder, it's time to call Anson Electric. The chances are that there's a more severe problem at play that requires professional assistance.

Outlets With Wires Sticking Out

Do you live in an old home? If so, you may notice wires sticking out of your outlets. That can be due to the age of your home or inefficient wiring. Newer buildings could have this problem, too, if the wiring isn't installed correctly. That is an issue that you should deal with immediately. Loose wires sticking out of outlets can pose hazards for fires and electric shock.

How To Fix the Wires

A temporary solution is to tape the wires off. That will provide some protection, but the tape will eventually wear off. The proper solution is to have your outlets rewired.

So, there you have it—these are what we believe are the most common electrical problems and solutions. If you encounter repairs that you simply cannot do yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technicians are ready to assist you!

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