Electrical Wiring Services & Rewiring Upgrades in San Diego

Are you experiencing inconsistent power surges and failures? Have you detected unfamiliar sounds or smells around circuit breakers, plugs, and switches? If so, it might be time to rewire your home’s electrical system. This process can resolve many daily frustrations and alleviate any worries you have about your system’s safety. At Anson Electric, you’ll find the highest-quality electrical wiring services in San Diego County.

Older Wiring

As technology has advanced, the electrical demands on properties have increased. Older homes and buildings that haven’t been rewired may have frequent problems meeting daily power requirements. If you have an older property, we can provide an electrical wiring upgrade, so that your system has the strength to power all your appliances, electronics, and devices without interruption.

Minimum Electrical Outlets

Along with increased power demands comes a need for more electrical outlets. If you have extension cords or power strips running all throughout your home, it may be a sign that you don’t have enough outlets. Likewise, if there is a specific area of your property where you need to plug in appliances or electronic equipment, and there aren’t any nearby outlets, our team can take care of this for you. We’ll reroute the rewiring to add the outlets you need.

Frequent Tripped Breakers

If you find yourself making daily or even weekly trips to the circuit breaker box, then your system may not be doing its job. Upgrading the wiring can often solve this problem, so you don’t have to worry about tripped breakers on a regular basis.

Upcoming or Recent Renovation

For major renovation projects, it’s a good idea to have your wiring inspected and potentially upgraded before you start the work. Construction tools and equipment may run the risk of overloading your system, and if you’re installing high-tech appliances, a new entertainment setup, or a sound system, rewiring will help you power all these additions in the long run.

Contact Anson Electric today for electrical wiring services in San Diego County. We’ll rewire your home or business to meet your daily demands, satisfy building codes, and keep your system running smoothly.

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