Electrical Control Panel Maintenance

The main electrical service panel of either your residential or commercial building acts as a switchboard. It equally receives and distributes electricity to the branch circuits that supply the different applications and outlets throughout the building. Since these systems supply electricity to your home or commercial building, you must observe proper maintenance.

DIY vs. Professional Electrical Maintenance and Panel Relocations

Here at Anson, we understand that home and business owners in the greater southern California area often prefer to handle small-scale electrical maintenance and upgrades themselves. However, when it comes to extensive electrical control panel maintenance or main electrical panel upgrades, consider relying on seasoned professionals to get the job done. Our experienced contractors have the skillset to properly assess and provide quality solutions to unforeseen electrical wiring issues the untrained eye may not notice.

Key Reasons To Upgrade Your Main Electrical Service Panel

  • You have an older building or home with outdated electrical panels that may not fully support your modernized (and often heavier) electrical needs.
  • You’ve made upgrades to your appliances, and now your outdated electrical panels cannot handle the workload.
  • Panels with obvious wire crowding can cause wire faults and lead to dangerous electrical fires.
  • To increase your home’s value, since new breaker panels appeal to buyers.
  • To save money. With an updated panel, we’ll help you save on utility costs and keep your electricity running efficiently.

Choose Anson Electric Today!

For years, Anson Electric has proudly provided the San Diego community with top-notch electrical control panel maintenance and other main utility services. From circuit breaker replacement and repairs to electrical upgrades and rewiring projects, you can always expect superior service and support from our skilled contractors. Whether you’re focused on improving access to your electrical service panel or find yourself renovating a home or commercial building in the San Diego area, the premier service and lasting support from Anson Electric come second to none. For more questions, contact our team today.


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