Here at Anson Electric, we are ready to help bring your home and commercial business into the future! We can help with basic electrical wiring, but we will also take care of EV charger installation for your residential or commercial properties! Electric vehicles are incredibly forward-thinking pieces of technology, but these vehicles still need a charge to get where they’re heading. We understand this at Anson Electric, which is why we are an EV charging station company in San Diego that you can rely on! We can take care of charging station installation and ensure that everything is up to the proper codes and standards. When you work with us, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Do you need an EV charging station at your business? If you own a commercial space, these charging stations are also great for bringing in new customers! Many EV drivers look around to try and find the perfect spot to give their vehicles the charge they need. If that charging station they land on is yours, they could come into your business and buy some of your products or services. These charging stations also are great for accommodating employees with electric vehicles.

You may not think you need a charging station at home since you can charge electric vehicles with standard household outlets. However, doing this is incredibly inefficient. Electric vehicles with high power requirements need somewhere between 10 and 40 hours to get a full charge! Additionally, charging your vehicle with a traditional outlet is a recipe for disaster, as the longer the electricity flows, the higher the risk of a cable fire becomes. This risk is even greater when the outlet is older and cannot handle charging something for extended periods.

Thankfully, these outlets aren’t the only way to charge electric vehicles. Instead, call us at Anson Electric, and we can install a charging station for you at your home or business! Out of all the EV charging station installers, you should choose us! We offer the highest-quality electrical wiring around, and if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out—we’ll get you the answers and help you need in no time! In the San Diego region, we are the EV charging station company you should trust. Our charging stations make charging your electric vehicle quick and safe!

Contact Anson Electric today for your charging station needs in San Diego County. We understand the importance of these charging stations, both within the home and at businesses, so we’ll do everything we can to get them up and running quickly and efficiently!


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