Recessed Lighting Installation Service in San Diego

Recessed lighting is popular in kitchens, living areas, and commercial spaces because it provides balanced light over a large area. Because these fixtures are set up into the ceiling, they also offer an unobstructed view and make the space seem bigger. If you’re thinking about this option for your new or existing space, Anson Electric offers professional recessed lighting installation services throughout San Diego County.

New Construction Projects

We handle both commercial and residential recessed lighting for new construction projects. This includes new builds, property additions, and large-scale renovations. Whether you’re a developer, contractor, or homeowner, our lighting experts can make the job go seamlessly. Recessed ceiling light installation is best done before the ceiling is in place, because the mounts go directly into the ceiling joists. If you know want recessed lighting for your new construction project, contact us as soon as possible so we can set the appropriate timeline for an efficient installation.

Upgrade Old Lighting Systems

Though the project is easier with new construction, our recessed lighting electricians have the knowledge and experience to upgrade a nonrecessed system without tearing up your existing ceiling. We also perform LED upgrades for existing recessed lighting systems.

Wiring for Specific Zones

In large spaces especially, amp limits require recessed fixtures to be wired to different circuits to prevent overloading your system. Though this is a necessity, it often turns out to be a functional benefit. When you have clusters of lights wired to specific switches, it gives you more flexibility to turn off certain zones when they’re not in use. We can work with you to strike a balance between electrical circuit requirements and your daily routine.

Anson Electric is ready to assist with your recessed lighting installation in San Diego and its surrounding area. We provide exceptional service and expert work. Call today or book an appointment online.

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