How To Spot a Defective Light Switch

June 03, 2021


What Is Your Light Switch Doing?

You may have already noticed there’s a slight delay when you turn on your lights. A delay means the contact points are loose or are failing. Loose contacts are fixed easily enough, but you can put yourself in danger if you try to fix them. Despite the numerous DIY videos on YouTube, the biggest danger to any homeowner or business owner is not being aware of electrocution from not turning off the main circuit breaker.

When it comes to learning how to spot a defective light switch, there are other warning signs to keep in mind. In fact, you can hear them—you should be cautious when you switch on your lights and hear humming, crackling, and popping sounds. These noises could mean there’s a circuit overload, and this will trip your main circuit breaker. Circuit overloads generally happen when there are too many appliances that are connected to the same electrical line. Of course, this will be evident if you have more than one light or fixture plugged into the same outlet as your light switch's line.

Is It Just My Light Switch?

If your light switch is acting up, there may be bigger things happening, too, such as power surges. Older faulty light switches will ultimately put too much stress on your main circuit breaker, and this causes the surge. If you've experienced too many blow-outs that cause your breaker to trip, it could be a sign that your home or business will need a circuit breaker replacement. Newer circuit breakers and replaced light switches can adjust to these power surges accordingly.

Power surges could lead to sparking, which could result in electrical fires. This is the last thing that you want to deal with as many electrical fires that start within the walls cannot be put out easily. If you aren't able to fix the problem yourself, then it's time to get immediate help from an experienced electrical technician. They can assess your problem immediately and fix this problem before it becomes deadly.

Anson Electric can help solve your electrical problems where they originate and fix them immediately. Additionally, if you need us to completely rewire, you can schedule an electrical wiring upgrade with us. Call us today to get a free estimate on services or call for our 24/7 emergency service. We're here to help!

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