Interesting Facts About Ceiling Fans You Might Not Know

June 21, 2021


We rely on ceiling fans to keep us cool in the summer, but many people don’t know they can also create warmth in the winter. There are many intriguing facts about ceiling fans that people aren’t aware of. Here are a few of the interesting facts about ceiling fans you might not know.

Larger Blades Are Better

When purchasing a fan, always choose one with large blades. Their increased surface area allows the fan to move more air around the room, making it seem cooler. While the fans with small blades may look attractive, they won’t cool the room as easily and efficiently as their larger counterparts.

Ceiling Fans Heat the Room

While the fans may seem to make a room cooler, they actually produce heat. The motors and electricity that create the fans’ movements give off heat, which then spreads in the room. To the occupants, the space feels cooler because the fan moves the air across their skin. As a result, the room stays about the same temperature in reality.

Slower Movement Is More Efficient

If you use a fan with larger blades, slower movements are preferable to higher speeds. The faster rotations not only waste energy, but they don’t cool the room as effectively as slower, steadier speeds. The slower speeds allow the fan to move the air easily without damaging the fan itself. Furthermore, they save energy.

Useful In the Winter

Another interesting fact about ceiling fans you might not know is that you can use them during the winter. The ceiling fans rotate one way during the summer to move the air down into the room. But if you reverse the motion, they’ll pull the air up out of the room, making it feel warmer. While this doesn’t actually heat the room, it does make it feel warmer.

Now that you know all these unique uses for ceiling fans, you might want to install one or more in your own home. If you need a ceiling fan electrician, contact us today, and we will be happy to help!

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