Common Electrical Myths and Misconceptions

May 06, 2021


No Danger From Low Voltage

One of the most dangerous myths that always manages to persist is that there is no danger from a low-voltage shock. This belief is entirely untrue and can put you at risk for a severe injury. An electrical shock from your wall outlet can be just as debilitating as one from a car battery, given the right conditions. Do the smart thing and avoid contact with live lines whenever possible, no matter how low of a risk you think it presents.

Rubber Solves Everything

Another belief that can land you in trouble is that all rubber objects around your home can completely ground you. Rubber in its purest form does offer protection against electricity. However, the rubber gloves you use to scrub the toilet are likely a blend of materials with rubber included. Always verify your safety gear before working with anything electrical.

Lights Flickering Means a Short

Many people use the term “short” to describe any situation involving electricity in which the expected outcome doesn’t occur. Many times, this takes the form of lights flickering, which people assume is a short. Flickering wires can mean many things, including overloaded circuits or damaged wiring.

Moving at the Speed of… What Exactly?

A mostly harmless but still incorrect myth is that electricity moves at the speed of light. The truth is that electricity in your home moves at roughly one percent of that speed. However, the equally important point worth making is that it does still move at speeds exceeding 1,000 miles per hour. Still quite a bit faster than you can run.

Power Lines Are Insulated

The last entry on the list of five common electrical myths and misconceptions is that power lines are always insulated. This belief stems from the fact that birds are fond of perching on those same lines. However, insulating a power line is prohibitively expensive, leaving an estimated 90 percent of all overhead lines without any form of insulation. This is just one of the many reasons you should immediately contact your energy provider any time you see a downed line.

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