Top Electrical Safety Tips To Protect Your Home

April 28, 2021


An electrical problem can strike your home at any time, regardless of how prepared your family is to deal with the incident. These incidents are indiscriminate, affecting everything and everyone in their paths. Fortunately, you can take several steps to reduce the chances of injury resulting from one of these surges. Here are our top electrical safety tips to protect your home.

Avoid Outlet Overload

The first thing to do is avoid overloading your outlets by plugging too many items into a power strip. The same is true of using extension cords because using too many power cords or one that’s damaged can lead to serious injury. Plug major appliances directly into the wall and avoid having more than two heat-producing devices on the same outlet.

Proper Bulb Wattage

Another important thing to remember is to follow the wattage requirements of your lamps and light fixtures. Most of the time, you can find this information on a sticker indicating the maximum amount the lamp will safely handle. LED bulbs are great because they have lower energy requirements and don’t produce the same dangerous amounts of heat as older incandescent bulbs.

Keep Water Away

It won’t shock anybody to learn that you should never mix electricity and water. Unfortunately, it becomes easy to ignore everyday situations where the two are uncomfortably close. It’s especially prevalent in the bathroom and kitchen, where appliances are frequently in close proximity to water. Using plugs that cut power when a short occurs can save lives, but you must remain vigilant.

Don’t Ignore Problems

Possibly the simplest of the top electrical safety tips to protect your home is to address problems as they come up. Resolving problems when you discover them helps protect your family from unnecessary risk. Common issues that require immediate resolution include frequently tripping breakers, loose outlets, flickering lights, and a burning smell in the home.

Call Professionals for Help

Finally, don’t be ashamed to call for help when you need it. Not everybody can be a master electrician, so accept that asking for help is the best way to keep everybody safe. If you notice anything like a downed power line or need help installing new overhead lights, calling in the professionals is the smartest and safest option.

If your home is experiencing problems related to the electrical system, call the team at Anson Electric. Our electrical contractors in San Diego County have the experience and knowledge to return your home to working order safely.

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