3 Businesses That Can Benefit From EV Charging Stations Now

April 19, 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more commonplace, and they increase the need for businesses to install charging stations. EV drivers are more likely to frequent establishments where they can charge their cars while running errands, so installing charging stations mutually benefits both parties. Learn about three businesses that can benefit from EV charging stations now and why they’re ideal for customers.


Restaurants are the perfect places to install EV charging stations since most guests will park their cars and spend at least an hour ordering, eating, paying, and making conversation with their friends and family. Because restaurants can range from giant chains to family-owned establishments, allowing access to charging stations is a great way to gain some positive interactions through word of mouth and bring in new business.

Shopping Centers

Large shopping centers, like mega malls and department stores, can benefit from EV charging stations. Shopping centers generally have large parking lots with plenty of room to install charging stations. People who connect their EVs to the stations are likely to shop in the nearby stores and walk around for a couple of hours. They’ll spend time and money in the businesses while waiting for their vehicle to charge.

Parking Garages

Running a parking garage is a lucrative business in an area with heavy traffic. Many urban areas have large parking structures where people can park their cars and walk to nearby attractions around the city. Providing EV charging stations in your paid parking structure widens your potential market by allowing EV drivers to park and charge up for extended periods.

Anson Electric has been helping homes and businesses in San Diego with their electrical needs for over ten years. We can help you with an EV charging station installation for your business. Our skilled technicians with their wealth of knowledge are here for you. Contact us anytime for additional information or to schedule a consultation, and we’d be happy to assist you.

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