3 Benefits of Replacing Aluminum Wiring With Copper

March 30, 2023

Many homes have aluminum wiring in the walls. The wiring system is affordable, easy to work with, and generally stable. However, some homeowners may want to upgrade their homes and use a more long-lasting and reliable material. Here are three benefits of replacing aluminum wiring with copper that you may want to consider the next time you do electrical work on your home.


A significant advantage of copper wiring over the more common aluminum is its durability. Not only is copper wiring less likely to take damage when working on the electrical system, but it is also more flexible and can withstand frequent bending or twisting.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of replacing aluminum wiring with copper is that copper wiring is less dense than aluminum, making it more conductive. Copper wiring allows far more electricity to flow through it compared to an aluminum wire of the same gauge. Because copper wiring has a higher conductivity level, you can typically use less of it, and it takes up less space in the walls.


Aluminum has a bad habit of corroding over time. When it oxidizes, it becomes brittle, falls apart, and can create problems with the electricity running through the wires that can cause minor disruptions to your power or cause an electrical fire in a worst-case scenario. Copper also corrodes, but the metal turns a green hue that does not negatively affect the wires' conductivity. Instead, it remains stable, safe, and reliable.

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