What You Should Know Before Wiring an Outbuilding

July 14, 2022

Outbuildings are a wonderful addition to any homestead or business looking for more space. Whether it’s to grab more product, take care of animals, or store equipment, you’ll likely need to access the building in the dark. To do this, you’ll want to wire your outbuilding. Here are a few tips you should know before wiring an outbuilding. And if you are ready to pull the trigger on this important feature, contact a local electrician in San Diego.


The first step in wiring your outbuilding should include a timeline. Whether you’re doing the work yourself or contacting a local professional, a timeline is a must. This will help in two ways: it keeps accountability for workflow and saves on costs. The right amount of time allotted for wiring should be such that the work is not rushed but also not delayed. Ultimately, the timeline will depend on the size of your outbuilding and whether you have help for the job.


To avoid any dangerous mishaps, costly fixes, or too long of a timeline, it’s essential to create a wiring map. This blueprint will be the guide to your outbuilding wiring. A professional can help create this important but tricky process. A proper blueprint will help both in the short term and the longer term. If any issues crop up, you or a professional can look at the blueprint again to relearn the lay of the land.


One way to get electricity to your outbuilding is to transfer it from your home. This is all contingent on how much power you really need. Take the time to evaluate which power tools and equipment you’ll use in the space. Additionally, ask yourself how often you’ll be out there in the dark. If it’s not often, then you’ll need less lighting. Ask your electrician if transferring from the house is possible given your amount of equipment. Consider an electrical subpanel in case you have a heater or air conditioner in the space.

Remember these tips you should know about wiring your outbuilding. They will keep your building and its contents safe from an electrical fire while ensuring proper lighting. When in doubt: better safe than sorry.

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