Top Electrical Upgrades To Boost Your Home’s Value

March 18, 2021

One of the most challenging decisions for any homeowner is when to upgrade some facet of their home. Regardless of whether your proposed project is big or small, you’ll want to ensure that there is value in it. This benefit can be monetary, quality of life, or personal, so long as there is an improvement. Here is a closer look at some of the top electrical upgrades to boost your home’s value.

Cabinet Lighting

If there is one room in your home where you can never get enough lighting, it’s the kitchen. Poor lighting makes many everyday tasks—such as cooking and cleaning—much more challenging. But adding lighting under your cabinetry knocks this problem right out.

Exterior Illumination

Another essential electrical upgrade to make is in the exterior lighting around the home. The added brightness provides an extra measure of safety and looks attractive. The increased illumination also enables you to enjoy the outdoors long past sunset.

Emergency Generator

One of the most practical electrical additions you can install in your home is an emergency generator for when the power goes out. You never know when a williwaw from the mountains will knock out electricity in the valley. Preparing the home with a backup supply of energy helps keep your lights on when they’ve gone out for everyone else, adding value for you and future home buyers.

Ceiling Fans

Not every home has air conditioning, and even the ones that do still require good air circulation. Adding ceiling fans helps lower your energy bills by reducing your climate control system’s need to run. They also prevent the air from becoming stagnant in the room. Remember that this isn’t a simple process and may require a ceiling fan installation service to complete the job correctly.

Electrical Wiring and Breaker Box

Another of the top electrical upgrades to boost your home’s value that requires professional installation is updating the wiring and panel. As time goes on, your wiring can start to fray, presenting a safety risk. The same goes for if your home has an old fuse box—upgrade to the newer, safer breaker boxes.

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