The Pros & Cons of Recessed Can Lighting

November 22, 2022

Your home or apartment complex may have recessed lighting if you live in a big city. This lighting option, sometimes known as downlighting or can lighting, typically includes round fixtures that point down from a hollow point in the ceiling. In recent years, recessed lighting has risen in popularity. If it’s something you might consider for your home, you should learn some of the pros and cons of recessed can lighting to see if it’s the best option for you.

Pro: Aesthetically Pleasing

Recessed can lighting uses its simple structure to create an aesthetically pleasing light source that goes well with any room. Many light fixtures have different styles or come from different eras that may clash with your room, but recessed lighting creates a neutral appearance that works for any style.

Con: Limited Lighting

One of the notable cons of recessed lighting is that the fixtures work by pointing straight down. Many fixtures may have multiple bulbs or ways to spread out the light over a wide area. Because recessed lighting points straight down, you will need to install numerous fixtures to illuminate the room or deal with more limited lighting.

Pro: Focused Light

When looking at the pros and cons of recessed can lighting, it helps to realize you can aim the beam of light on a specific spot. If you want to create a reading nook or have the light focus on the surface of your desk, it’s an easier process to focus the light where you want it.

Con: Potential Air Leaks

Recessed lights go directly into the ceiling with an open area, which creates the possibility for a small gap around the base of each light. With recessed can lighting, you also need several fixtures, creating more opportunities for heat to escape or cold air to get in, increasing your utility bill. We recommend hiring a certified technician to inspect your recessed lighting to lower this risk.

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