The Most Common Myths About Ceiling Fans

November 19, 2021

There are many myths about ceiling fans that homeowners often aren’t aware of. For example, did you know that ceiling fans don’t actually cool your home? Check out some of the most common myths about ceiling fans below.

Ceiling Fans Cool Your Home

One of the most common myths about ceiling fans is that they cool your home. During hot and humid summers, you probably turn on your fan to cool down your house. However, ceiling fans don’t change the temperature of your home. While they don’t make the air colder, they do help cool your body by producing a gentle breeze. Even though the air temperature doesn’t change, you feel cooler due to the air that blows from the fan.

Ceiling Fans Are Dangerous

Many parents worry that ceiling fans are dangerous and can cut off appendages. While an impact from a moving ceiling fan will certainly hurt, it won’t cut any appendages. Even though ceiling fans won’t seriously harm your body in most cases, it’s still best to keep your hands and arms away from the blades.

Ceiling Fans Are Useless in the Winter

Ceiling fans aren’t only useful in the summer; you can also use them during the wintertime. When the blades rotate in the reverse direction (clockwise), they move the warm air from the top of the room down. Thus, you feel warmer. If you rotate the blades counterclockwise, you’ll feel cooler in your home. So, if your fan can spin both ways, you can use it to stay warm in the wintertime. Keep in mind that your fan also needs to function well for you to use it in the summer and winter. If your fan isn’t working correctly, or if you need to install a new one, you’ll need to contact a ceiling fan electrician.

Ceiling Fans Are Modern Inventions

Although there are many modern ceiling fan designs, ceiling fans themselves are not modern inventions. In fact, people in the United States began to use electric ceiling fans in the 1800s to cool their homes. The ceiling fan quickly became a practical and popular invention that spread worldwide. Contact Anson Electrical today for all your ceiling fan, rewiring, and EV charging station needs.

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