Smart Ways To Save Money on Your Electric Bill

January 25, 2021

Checking the mailbox only to find a stack of bills staring back at you is a miserable experience every adult has been through far too many times in their life. The fear and apprehension only continue to grow when you realize that the statement in your hand is for a mystery amount that you’ll need to pay to your electricity provider. But there are several ways that you can decrease the amount of energy that your family consumes each month. Here are five smart ways to save money on your electric bill.

Swap Lightbulbs

It’s no secret that lightbulbs have become much more energy efficient in recent years. As bulbs began to require less electricity to power, their lifespans have also dramatically increased, meaning that the consumer saves on both energy bills and replacement costs. New fluorescent and LED bulbs also generate less heat, reducing the possibility of burns from the bulb itself.

Thermostat Changes

You can also a few changes in your climate control system to reduce the shock upon seeing your usage statement. One trick is to dial down the temperature in your home when nobody is going to be there. You can also get a programable thermostat that will make adjustments to the temperature based on a preprogrammed schedule.

Check Your Seals

Performing routine checks of the seals around your doors and windows will add up to savings throughout every season. If you do find any air leaks, take prompt steps to seal the location. Along with lowering your energy costs, this also keeps moisture from invading your home and causing more damage.

Change Appliance Behavior

There are many smart ways to save money on your electric bill by changing the way you use your home appliances. Instead of simply turning things off, consider unplugging them to prevent wasting what is called “phantom energy.” Wait to run your appliances like the washing machine, dishwasher, and dryer until they are full. And the appliances themselves are getting more efficient. Many new dishwashers no longer require you to prerinse your dishes before you load them, so you’ll save time, energy, and water by skipping that step.

Energy Audit

Go through your home and perform an energy audit to find ways to cut back on energy use. Be sure to turn off lights when leaving the room, along with the rest of the appliances in the room. Adjust the temperature of your refrigerator to prevent it from overworking. Lastly, remember to close doors and windows when your climate-control system is running.

For more ways to lower your energy costs, contact your home electricity expert at Anson Electric. We offer a wide array of electrician services and have the experience to complete any electrical job.

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