How To Handle an Electrical Emergency in Your Home

October 15, 2021

Regular electrical maintenance is necessary to prevent electrical emergencies in your home. However, electrical fires and power outages are extremely dangerous, so it’s essential to learn how to handle these situations if they arise. Learn below how to handle an electrical emergency in your home.

Electrical Fires

The two main causes of electrical fires are faulty electrical systems and faulty appliances. Electrical fires can spread quickly in a home, so taking action immediately is vital. Use the steps below to stop the spread of an electrical fire in your home.

  1. Call 911—this is the first step you should take when you notice a dangerous electrical fire, especially if it’s spreading quickly. Inform the operator of the situation and request medical help if someone is injured.
  2. If it’s safe to remain in your home and the fire isn’t spreading quickly, completely shut off the power to your home using the circuit breaker box.
  3. After you shut off the power, extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher. Unlike other fires, electrical fires can be difficult to put out, and a fire extinguisher is the safest and most reliable method you can use.
  4. Lastly, call an electrician after the fire is out. A professional electrician will be able to examine and fix your electrical system.

Power Outages

Power outages aren’t as serious as electrical fires, but they can be very annoying and frustrating. Usually, power outages occur from the failure of an electrical service, a downed power line, or bad weather. Use the steps below to resolve a power outage safely and easily.

  1. Call your neighbors. If your neighbors are also experiencing outages, then call the electric company and see what happened.
  2. If your neighbors aren’t experiencing an outage, turn off your power immediately and have an electrician inspect your electrical system.

Burnt Outlet

A burnt outlet can cause an electrical fire, too, so you’ll need to fix it right away. In this situation, you need to turn off the circuit at the breaker box. Then, unplug anything that’s plugged into the outlet. Finally, call an electrician to repair your electrical system. Repairing the system yourself can have serious consequences, so it’s best to leave this job to the professionals.

How To Prevent Electrical Emergencies

The steps above will teach you how to handle an electrical emergency in your home. But the best way to prevent these situations is to perform routine electrical maintenance. If you come across an electrical issue or emergency in your home, the safest option is to call an electrician. Anson Electric’s professional emergency electricians in San Diego will help you fix electrical issues quickly to ensure that you and your home remain safe.

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