5 Advantages of Installing USB Electrical Outlets at Home

August 01, 2022

We all know the frustration of needing to unplug a lamp or appliance to free up an outlet to charge our phones through an adapter. Fortunately, we live in an era where outlets with designated USB ports are ready and available for your living space. Here are five of the biggest advantages of installing USB electrical outlets in your home.

1. Space Saver

One of the most apparent reasons is plain to see right on the outlet itself. Many electrical outlets come with two to four AC slots, and nobody likes having to unplug something when they need to charge a phone or tablet. With USB outlets, you can charge your devices without needing to unplug anything.

2. Faster Charging

The more current you run to your device, the faster it charges. This is why your devices charge slower when you plug them into a laptop than with an adapter. However, plugging your device directly into the USB outlet removes the middleman and charges up to 40 percent faster than with an adapter.

3. More Savings

Because USB outlets charge your devices faster than an AC adapter, they use less energy. Another significant advantage of installing USB electrical outlets at home is that USB outlets do not use standby power, making them an energy-efficient option for your living space.

4. Increased Options

We typically think of needing to charge our phones, but with more devices having USB cables, there’s more reason to install these outlets in different rooms. From electric shavers to video game accessories to smaller kitchen appliances, having additional power sockets available increases the opportunities for where to plug things in.

5. Less Risk

One of the most common causes of electrical fires comes from overloading power outlets. Using additional adapters can overload your breakers. With USB outlets, this danger is significantly reduced and provides a much lower risk of burning out your devices.

If you want to learn more about USB outlets or book an appointment with a certified residential electrician in San Diego, the experts at Anson Electric have the tools and know-how to help you start the process. Reach out to us today for more information.

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