3 Reasons Your Light Fixture Might Be Buzzing

September 12, 2022

When you walk into a room and turn on the light, it’s good to have an illuminating glow, but sometimes you might hear an odd buzzing noise in the background. There are many reasons your light fixture might be buzzing. Consider checking some of these factors to see if you can return your fixtures to normal.

1. Check the Bulbs

Buzzing may come with age, no matter what type of lightbulb you use, even if it still lights up. Fluorescent bulbs are the most frequent offenders when it comes to humming and flickering, and while this may come from the bulb itself, one common culprit is an older ballast, which can cause humming regardless of the bulb.

Incandescent and LED bulbs are much less likely to buzz but may come from attempting to use dimmer switches. LEDs typically aren't capable of buzzing but may do so when connected to a dimmer.

2. Loose Fixtures

Loose electrical fixtures may sometimes result in a buzzing or humming sound and need a bit of maintenance. Turn off the electricity and carefully examine the light fixture for anything that seems wobbly or loose. Tightening all components will hopefully solve the problem. You don’t want to give your lightbulbs room to wiggle around in the fixture.

3. Electrical Shorts

Shorts in your system are another reason why your light fixture might be buzzing. Flickering is one of the most common symptoms, but you may also want to examine the system for any frayed wires, warm outlets, or peculiar burning smells. If you fear you have an electrical short, we suggest hiring a specialist to inspect your system and fix the problem.

If you need an electrician in San Diego, the trained specialists at Anson Electric are happy to help you book an appointment to take care of your electrical needs. Don't hesitate to contact us with problems from buzzing lights to electrical shorts. Online bookings are available now.

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