Why Restaurants Are Poised To Be an EV Charging Network

March 20, 2023

Restaurants are often some of our favorite places. They give us an opportunity to sit down, enjoy some good food and good service, and soak in the atmosphere provided by everything from the music on the radio to the decor on the wall. With the rising trend of electric vehicles, more businesses are opting to install charging stations in their parking lots. Learn why restaurants are poised to be an EV charging network that benefits the business and the drivers.

The Timing Works Out

One of the best reasons for any restaurant to consider installing EV charging stations is that the timing is already perfect. Guests pull up and park their cars, connect to the charging station, and grab a bite to eat while their vehicles charge. The time it takes to sit down, order food, eat, let it settle a bit, and pay provides enough time for their vehicle to charge.

Brings in New Customers

When trying to figure out why restaurants are poised to be EV charging networks, it's helpful to recognize that having charging stations in a place with good food gives these businesses a distinct advantage. Drivers with electric vehicles may search for the closest charging stations while they're on the road; if your restaurant comes up in that search, they'll be far more likely to stop. As we previously stated, those who stop to charge are more likely to grab a bite to eat before they return to the road.

Boosts Your Reputation

In the current climate, investing the time and money to include EV charging stations in front of your business sends a powerful message. It creates a sense of inclusion, forward-thinking, and a level of caring and understanding toward those with electric vehicles and those that care about the planet. In addition, many people who don't drive EVs may hear about your business through word of mouth and decide to stop by for a bite. Essentially, bringing EV charging stations to your business is a unique form of advertising you can't get elsewhere.

If you’re a restaurant owner interested in car charging station installation, we recommend reaching out to a licensed professional who offers these services. Folks in the San Diego area should contact Anson Electric; we have been helping people with their electrical needs since 2010. For more information on EV charging stations or other electrical needs, contact us anytime to speak to one of our specialists.

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