Charging Deserts & Adding More Rural EV Charging Stations

September 26, 2023

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption continues to accelerate, it's vital that we address the challenge of charging deserts and the benefits of adding more rural EV charging stations to ensure a smooth transition. Explore why it is essential to target these areas and the advantages that installing EV charging stations can bring.

The Problem With Charging Deserts

Charging deserts refer to areas where there are few or no EV charging stations available. They are often found in rural or remote locations, contributing to the anxiety and worry potential EV owners might feel about running out of charge during a journey. By addressing charging deserts and adding more rural EV charging stations, we can help increase the overall adoption of electric vehicles.

Benefits for General Contractors and Property Managers

There is a significant opportunity for general contractors and property managers to take advantage of the EV charging station installation boom.

Increased Revenue

Installing EV charging stations at your properties or in your projects can help generate long-term revenue. Many EV drivers will be willing to pay for the convenience of charging their vehicles. Additionally, government incentives and tax credits may also be available, which directly benefit installation businesses.

Attracting Eco-Conscious Tenants and Buyers

By offering EV charging facilities at your properties or projects, you can cater to a growing market of eco-conscious buyers or tenants. EV owners will be more likely to choose a property with charging facilities available; offering this amenity will potentially increase property value and demand.

Environmental Benefits

Promoting the use of electric vehicles reduces reliance on fossil fuels and helps combat climate change. As a general contractor or property manager, you can improve the environmental footprint of your projects and properties while enhancing their appeal to sustainably-minded individuals.

The Role of Anson Electric in Rural EV Charging Station Installation

Addressing charging deserts and adding more rural EV charging stations is a critical step in ensuring the continued growth of EV adoption. Anson Electric can help you make the most of this opportunity by providing expert EV charging station installation services. Contact us today; let's work together to create a more sustainable future.

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