3 Electrical Upgrades for Your Home Renovations

February 02, 2023

Renovations give us an opportunity to try out new things and make some necessary upgrades. Therefore, many homeowners see these projects as the perfect chance to make some adjustments to their electrical systems. If this is your situation, here are three electrical upgrades for your home renovations that we recommend putting on your to-do list.

Additional Outlets

A common problem that homeowners run into is not having an outlet where they need one. For example, maybe you have your living room furniture laid out in a way that you’re not happy with, just so your phone charger can reach the couch. To remedy this, figure out where you ideally want outlets throughout your home and install new ones in those places. Here’s a bonus tip: invest in outlets with USB ports, so you can charge your devices directly through your main power source.

Wiring Reworking

Many homeowners don’t think twice about the wires in their walls until there’s already a problem. Therefore, one useful electrical upgrade for your home renovations is to have a licensed electrician inspect your wires and install newer models in better condition. You can also use this time to get new switches and circuits to truly revamp your electrical system.

Smart Home Enhancements

Smart homes are rising in popularity, and it’s not difficult to see why. People enjoy convenience, and upgrading your home with features such as automated thermostats, motion-activated lights, and video doorbells makes some of life’s little hassles a lot easier. Smart gadgets are a beneficial upgrade to make to your home because you can personalize their functions and control multiple facets of your home with a remote or your smartphone.

To learn more about home upgrades for your electrical system, we suggest contacting a licensed electrician to see what they can do for you. Those looking to hire a residential electrician in San Diego should reach out to Anson Electric. With friendly staff and speedy service, Anson Electric has made life easier for Californians since 2010. Contact us today for more details!

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